Take a moment to learn some of the basics about us here at Central Baptist Church. You learn a little background about our pastor, Pastor Shawn Spencer, as well as how he came to be our pastor. You will also find the most important information on this site, being how one can know that they are on their way too heaven!

As you take a look into this page, you can meet the staff of our church. You will learn about Pastor Shawn Spencer and his story. Next you will learn about our Associate Pastor, Charles Parker and his background. Also, we will meet our Youth Pastor, Eric Duenke who fills many roles for our student ministries.

As you continue to look at Central Baptist Church, we have provided the cores of what our church believes. We base all of our beliefs upon the infallible Word of God, whereby we can stand boldly upon our beliefs. As you seek to learn more about CBC, we hope that this statement of faith, will be both informative and helpful.